Episode 01 – The Alt-Right Is Part of Our Problem

In our inaugural episode of the Project Asterism podcast, your hosts Julian and Mallory introduce themselves and the Project, discuss some polytheistic basics, and move into a discussion of polytheism on the alt-right and the alt-right’s relationship with Donald Trump.


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Heathen Groups Against Racism and White Supremacy

I would dearly love to update and expand this list.  If you have suggestions for groups that belong here, please leave a comment or reach out to us on Twitter!


This is all stuff that we researched and read when preparing for the show, but that we didn’t rely on as direct sources.  This list includes news articles, blogs, scholarly articles, and books, so if you’re really itching to go deeper this is the place to start.

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Writer, Animistic Polytheist, Witch, Theologian, Feminist, Heretic, and founding member of Project Asterism. Find my other writing on medium.com.

2 thoughts on “Episode 01 – The Alt-Right Is Part of Our Problem”

  1. The idea that “online doesn’t matter/online isn’t real” cuts out a lot of people. Driving 5+ hours just to see one other person, if you can even find that person in the first place, doesn’t make any sense.
    Some forms of polytheism intersect more easily with general/Wiccan pagansim, some don’t at all, so going to a local pagan event can just emphasize how isolated you are.


    1. Sorry this comment fell through the cracks, hemsinepu–we’re still getting our feet under us. It definitely sounds like you’re picking up what we’re putting down. I’ve also experienced a period of melancholy after attending a pagan or polytheist event, which is sometimes exacerbated by the fact that if I do manage to connect with someone at these events, it becomes quite difficult to maintain or build upon those connections from a distance beyond Facebook messages passing in the night. Part of the work we’re doing here is building a better way for polytheists to connect at a distance and deepen those connections, though your point about “online doesn’t matter/online isn’t real” is a concern I have–that perspective can be tough to change.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope we see you around again soon. : )


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