Episode 02 – The One About Ancestors

In this episode, Julian and Mallory discuss Gordon White’s Star.Ships: A Prehistory of the Spirits, which leads them on an exploration of polytheistic ancestor veneration and their family histories.


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Writer, Animistic Polytheist, Witch, Theologian, Feminist, Heretic, and founding member of Project Asterism. Find my other writing on medium.com.

5 thoughts on “Episode 02 – The One About Ancestors”

  1. P.S.V.L. here! I am looking forward to listening to the earlier episodes, but someone directed me to this one given that something I wrote was mentioned therein…so, thanks for the publicity on that! ;). (I have poems and an essay in Datura and Mandragora as well, so thanks for mentioning them, too!)

    I’m glad you liked the piece I wrote in the Ancestors anthology…one thing, though: please make sure you get my pronouns correct if you speak about me in the future. I am not male or a man, and thus “he/him,” etc. pronouns are not the ones I use, nor do I like it when others use them in relation to me; I prefer the Old Spivak pronouns (e, em, eir, eirs, emself), but if singular “they” is easier, I don’t mind it.

    Also, I just had a look, and I didn’t recall writing about Genghis Khan in my piece, and it turns out I didn’t…did someone else write about him in that book, though?

    On Gordon White’s book: a lot of the heavy lifting for the Gondwana/Laurasian/etc. theory is done by Michael Witzel’s (very large!) book on the matter which White references quite a bit…while I have not worked through it myself entirely, knowing it is in the background of what he’s saying might answer some of your critique of his lack of filling in the spaces on some of it. Other aspects of your discussion, however, I think still apply…it’s an interesting and a fun book in many ways, but there is something missing with it as well, and the small number of other folks I’ve discussed it with who have read it seem to agree on that point.


    1. Hey P.S.V.L., thanks for your quick response to our show! It was our pleasure to discuss all of your work, which we both follow to a greater or smaller degree and admire. I want to apologize for our misgendering of you in the show–it was an honest mistake on our parts, we very much appreciate your clarification, and we will absolutely respect your pronoun choices in any future work here. We appreciate your patient understanding of our blunders. : )

      I will attempt to acquire a copy of Witzel’s book–I’d like to fill in some of those gaps we discussed very much, because I agree with you, obviously, that the book has an interesting thesis that just seems to have some gaps in it.

      I just checked myself (the Khan thing didn’t stick out for me the way it did for Julian, I think) and it was Raven Kaldera who mentioned Genghis Khan in his “Adopting Ancestors” essay. I’m not sure how we got that all mixed up! Thanks for pointing it out.


      1. Thank you for your response on all of this, and for doing this very interesting and important work!

        I didn’t know you are in WA…I had thought you were also out in PA. Perhaps I can arrange a way to get down and visit you at some point, or we could meet in Seattle at some stage. While real-life stuff is tough to get to for all sorts of reasons (as you said in the first episode, and with which I totally agree and have done for several years), I can use public transit fairly effectively for shorter distances, and it would be interesting to hang out at some stage.


      2. I agree! I would love to meet you in Seattle for a day–I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer through the ride town to Tacoma on public transit on my account, especially when I have a car. 😆

        I should have some time to visit in January–shoot me an email at stargazer (at) projectasterism dot com so I have your contact info, please?

        And thank you for doing your own interesting and important work, and for taking the time to leave us some feedback. At this stage every comment means the world to us. ❤


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