Episode 03 – The One About the Holidays

In this episode, hosts Julian and Mallory discuss difficult holidays, the tension between the secular holiday calendar in the U.S. and polytheistic holiday calendars, and their personal practices and experiences around the holidays.  Julian discusses his pet peeve about the “Christmas is a pagan holiday” meme, and Mallory takes issue with the math involved in the Wheel of the Year.


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  • The Origins of Thanksgiving in the U.S. at Wikipedia
  • Earrach of Pittsburgh’s Annual Druid’s Almanac
    • This is the resource we mention that Earrach, a druid affiliated with Sassafras Grove of ADF, posts each year with the astronomical calculations of each holiday in the 8-spoked Wheel of the Year.
  • The Pagan Book of Hours – Breviary of the Asphodel Tradition

Yuletide Livestream

Julian and Mallory will be on YouTube Live at 7:30pm EDT on December 21st, hanging out live and chatting with anyone who would like to attend and share some holiday traditions or just good conversation.  We don’t have an agenda for the livestream beyond creating a place of respite during this holiday season, if only for a short time.  Join us if you like by clicking the link to our YouTube channel.

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