Statement of Solidarity

We at Project Asterism stand with our Muslim friends affected by the bizarre and arbitrary travel ban instituted by President Trump. We believe in the value and necessity of diversity of all sorts not simply for the strength and survival of the American nation, but for the survival and flourishing of humankind. We believe that it is incumbent upon us as members of society to welcome those in need of succor and protection into our communities. We must work together in love to combat irrational prejudice and hatred.

This ban explicitly targets a religious minority within the United States, and as advocates of religious freedom, we must stand up against any attempt to limit or control religious expression. Polytheists must stand up against this ban not only out of love for others, but out of the need to protect ourselves. We are stronger together and we must recognize that a threat to a part is a threat to the whole. We too are religious minorities, and we are a far smaller community. We cannot afford to be silent. If we do not stand up now, who will stand up for us?

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