Unanticipated Hiatus and Future Plans

We at Project Asterism offer our deepest apologies for this prolonged and unanticipated hiatus. Both of us have experienced some dramatic life changes that have pulled our attention away from the work that we dedicated ourselves to doing here. Be assured, however, that we remain steadfast in our determination to continue this work.

Project Asterism has taught us so much. In our successes and failures, we have strived to learn from every element of this experience, and we are determined to put that knowledge to use, and to continue to learn from this process. Now we are both much more aware of our strengths and weaknesses, of what we are capable of achieving, and what we must do moving forward.

There will be a forward. We will continue in this work.

Watch this space. We are working toward a midsummer relaunch. We are eager to continue this work, and we are dedicated to serving this community to the best of our abilities.

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Artist, Pagan, Philosopher, Theologian, Queer Theorist, Apocalypticist, Potential Lunatic I write at http://www.erosiserosiseros.com

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