Episode 03 – The One About the Holidays

In this episode, hosts Julian and Mallory discuss difficult holidays, the tension between the secular holiday calendar in the U.S. and polytheistic holiday calendars, and their personal practices and experiences around the holidays.  Julian discusses his pet peeve about the “Christmas is a pagan holiday” meme, and Mallory takes issue with the math involved in the Wheel of the Year.

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Special Episode 01 – Election 2016

In this unplanned special episode, Julian and Mallory react to the 2016 US presidential election and discuss its implications for polytheists and pagans.  We want to begin our post-election reaction show by first reasserting Project Asterism’s fierce commitment to diversity and inclusion. Project Asterism strives to create safe and welcoming spaces, both online and off, that accept people of any race, color, belief, ethnicity, or immigration status. We reject out of hand the racist, misogynist rhetoric of the campaign waged by Mr. Trump and his supporters, and stand in opposition to hatred, intolerance, ignorance, and violence.

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Episode 01 – The Alt-Right Is Part of Our Problem

In our inaugural episode of the Project Asterism podcast, your hosts Julian and Mallory introduce themselves and the Project, discuss some polytheistic basics, and move into a discussion of polytheism on the alt-right and the alt-right’s relationship with Donald Trump.

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I Believe That Polytheism Is Important, Redux

In I Believe that Polytheism Is Important Right Now, Julian offers a big-picture philosophical answer to this question:  why does polytheism matter, in the grand scheme of things?  It may not appear to be an important question, particularly if you don’t identify as a polytheist.  It may seem backwards, or like you’re splitting hairs, to insist that polytheism has a role to play on the global stage of ideas, right alongside it’s little siblings of monotheism and atheism.  Julian certainly speaks for me on this topic, and I think he does a good job of first explaining to you why this question matters (and it matters more than a little).  It would be a waste of time to try to add more examples to an already-comprehensive piece.

So instead I’m going to try to answer a slightly different question in the same vein:  why does polytheism matter, in the scheme of everyday things?  Why does polytheism matter in my life, or in yours?

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