Our Mission

Who Are We?

An asterism is a star or constellation recognized across cultures and interpreted in various idiosyncratic ways. The three stars composing the Belt of Orion, for example, appear in the lore of many different cultures spread across the globe.

We at Project Asterism took this phenomenon as our touchstone. We all, as individuals and communities, bring our own unique experiences and interpretations to bear on our world enlivened by spirit. We exist to celebrate diversity! We recognize the constellation-like patterns that bind us together, but we are strengthened and enriched by our profound and inspiring differences.

If you would like to find out more about the individuals behind Project Asterism, check out our Bios page.

What Are We Doing?

Community requires support and action. We are attempting to create a network that not only exists on the web, but that will also be composed of local nodes that connect together through the power of the internet. We believe that no Polytheist should have to expend enormous resources to travel across country in order to meet and engage with other like-minded persons. The environmental impact alone should make us question the sustainability of traditional models of Pagan and Polytheist community experience.

Project Asterism is an attempt to reshape the way we think about the interaction of the online and real world Polytheist communities. We are setting out to build decentralized, localized nodes of community that join together with other localities to build an overarching constellation of understanding and diversity.

Diversity Policy

Polytheism know no bounds, and so we at Project Asterism strive to create an environment that welcomes everyone regardless of race, orientation, gender identity or political affiliation.  The ethic of “works before faith” defines our project.  While we seek to bring together those of similar belief, we hold that actions speak more strongly in our communities.  Anyone seeking to participate in the work of building and maintaining this community of similar belief is welcome, no matter how they identify.

We denounce utterly those who spread hate and seek to divide our communities. We believe that we are stronger together, and that only through confronting and embracing our diversity do we truly encounter each other and open ourselves up to the richness of our world.

We will tolerate absolutely no discrimination or bullying. While anticipating engaging in complex and even controversial discussions, we expect civility and respect to reign here.