Who’s Responsible for This?

Meet Malloryimg_0038

Mallory identifies as a queer, cisgender woman and animistic polytheist, and prefers she/her/hers pronouns.  She was raised in a Catholic family in the Appalachian foothills who have since scattered all over the world.  She met Julian while they attended university together in Pittsburgh, PA, and has never stopped bothering him.  At university she earned a BA in Religious Studies and Writing, which has been widely regarded as the best mistake she ever made.  Now, after having lived in nearly every region of the contiguous 48 states, she lives in the Pacific Northwest with a very supportive atheist and makes Julian’s life difficult with tech nerd stuff.  Mallory acts as Project Asterism’s co-founder and resident cable monkey, making sure all of the technical stuff behind the scenes works the way it should.  Just so you know, Mallory loves earl grey tea (with cream!), off-brand Coke Zero, chocolate, warm socks, subtropical weather, Unix-based systems, motorcycles, and following her NHL team.  Reach out to her on Twitter @emjayecks–she usually doesn’t bite.

Meet Julian

Julian is a male identifying human person and polytheist. He was raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by a Jehovah’s Witness and a Catholic. He obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Art HistoFile_000.jpegry and Studio Arts from the University of Pittsburgh, where he also met Mallory. He has subsequently pestered her continuously with philosophical and theological dilemmas, and sees no reason to ever stop.  He completed his Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology online from Sofia University.  After living briefly in the Pacific Northwest, Julian and his husband returned to Pittsburgh, where they presently live. His favorite author is Samuel R. Delaney. He is available for bothering on twitter @luxuriantdevice.